Providing integrated critical communications for Macedonian Red Cross teams supporting Pelister Ultra Trail.


The event

Pelister Ultra Trail is an event organized annually featuring two main ultra races with 18K and 45K length. Race trails are spanning around picturesque Pelister National Park passing through the Big Lake, the deep Molikova forest to the very top of Baba Mountain at 2601 meters.

The mission

Due to the obvious extreme nature of the races Macedonian Red Cross Bitola Branch supports the event with heavy presence in order to minimize potential unwanted situations and incidents which might arise from the rugged terrain and fatigue of runners. Our mission was to support the event providing usable signal and critical communications for all Red Cross professionals and volunteers as well as #Situational #Awareness based on #GPS information sent from the terminals used for the event.

The solution

“Seamlessly integrated communications for a successful event.”

In order to achieve needed coverage NETRA placed a mobile repeater at the top of Baba mountain. This way we provided digital UHF communications throughout all checkpoints guarded by red Cross personnel. Extra mobility was also introduced in the system by #integrating it with #LTE networks allowing for #enhanced situational awareness capabilities for the key personnel and at the Command & Control center at the Start/End of the race. Thanks to the motivated Red Cross personnel, our technical support, increased mobility and agile communications incidents were avoided and safety of the participants was kept to a maximum in spite of summer temperatures and challenging terrain.