NETRA webinar on critical communications focusing on the future driven by data demand OTT applications and 4G/5G and open 3GPP standards.

A free webinar dedicated to the professionals in the field, provided by experienced project managers from Netra and Motorola.

“In an increasingly data demanding operational environment critical and professional communications will have to move beyond their original narrowband domain and move into wideband embracing 4G and 5G technologies.”

The Webinar

Yes, voice and group calling will still remain the cornerstone of critical communications, and no, there is no wideband technology that will offer faster call setup nor greater range than #TETRA or #DMR, however today’s operations, command and control or decision making process rely on ever increasing data demand. Designed around voice and resilience, traditional narrowband technologies do not offer adequate data transfer. This situation drives the critical and professional communications towards new data centric technologies such as #4G and #5G , however due to nature of these comms and their cost justification this move must be facilitated through implementation of open standards and continuing work by #3GPP.

With this webinar Netra’s Aleksandar Šarkovski and Dragan Muškinja offered discussions on Over-The-Top Application integration, 4G and 5G critical communications implementation and standards, while our colleagues from Motorola provided concrete solutions.