Test and Measurement

Mobile networks

We represent one of the largest independent vendors of specialized equipment for Quality of Services benchmark analysis in wireless networks and RF optimization, recognizable as an expert associate in the field of quality assessment of perceptual speech and video services.

Spectrum management

We offer fully automated and integrated spectrum management system which covers the full administrative and technical procedures of spectrum management.


For the few that may have missed it, the sophistication required in test and measurement has increased about 1000X since digital was introduced. It’s no longer adequate to rely on a VOM (volt-ohm-milliammeter) to maintain a modern audio, video or broadcast system.
Today’s video and audio equipment requires increasingly complex test equipment. More tests and kinds of tests are needed. At the same time, these measurements often need to be managed by less trained engineers and operators. Now we have a dilemma. The T&M manufacturers need to create highly complex measurement devices. At the same time the devices need to be more automated enabling less-trained people to use and interpret the results.

Industry and production


Fiber Optics

Provider of reliable measuring equipment and comprehensive solutions for all FO testing needs.
Modular and reconfigurable tools for adaptable testing solutions that provide proper installation, certification, troubleshooting and FO network maintenance.
Wide-ranging portfolio of FO testing solutions based on automated testing features that speed up network deployment and service activation.

Education and science

We strongly support continuous Innovations in RF performance and usability. We offer you the most advanced tools to transform your theoretical concepts and analyzes into the real visual experience.


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