Our Mission

Becoming a regional wireless and critical communications market disruptor through forward thinking and innovation.

Our Story

NETRA is  active on the regional ICT market for over 20 years. Focused on quality as our highest priority, we implemented  ISO:9001 quality management standard at earliest stages of company’s development. Initial success of the company was contributed to successful implementation of nationwide frequency monitoring system and ATC communication systems. This was followed by expanding into area of tactical communications, high end encryption and networking. Today, a company of over 40 employees, Netra is true to it’s engineering DNA, continuing  its  heritage and expanding into  new technologies leading in broadcasting , signal intelligence, while being unavoidable partner of mobile service providers providing 
Our vision is to boldly disrupt the ICT market with inventive and unique engineering solutions, arising from our internal and collective competitive spirit, which are without compromising tailored to the specific requirements of our customers.

Our Vision