Critical Communications

Microwave radio

We provide comprehensive solutions from planning to commissioning of microwave links, with the highest number of microwave links deployed in Macedonia, from 4GHz to 80GHz in all types of configurations.

Professional communications

We provide a wide variety of mission-critical communication solutions—including mobile and portable radios—to industry, federal, state and local government agencies. With several decades of focus in mission-critical systems, our experience shows in our many innovative communication platforms and first-of-kind successes.

Tactical communications

Leveraging the latest technologies, listening and responding to customers’ needs, and constantly seeking ways to improve. It shows in the value we provide today and in the progress we’re making for tomorrow to aid law enforcement, fire, EMS, government, utilities, education and professional communications in successfully performing their duties.


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Нетра како општествено одговорна компанија ги презема и спроведува сите превентивни мерки и препораки од институциите во државата, и испраќа апел до граѓаните да ги почитуваат соодветните насоки за заштита и превенција од COVID-19. За било какви информации контактирајте нé на +389 23092820 или на мејлот во било кое време.

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