HungaroControl cross border remotely operated site
A turn key solution providing HungaroControl with capability to control air traffic over Kosovo from their main ATC in Hungary.
Taking over the control of air traffic over Kosovo from KFOR, HungaroControl tasked M-NAV with facilitating a second remote site for ground-to-air VHF communications providing redundant means for their ATC tasks. This site had to insure robust and trusted communications covering Flight level 80 and above while avoiding interferences and tackling voice comms delays which can be generated over the long interconnectivity path.

NETRA provided a turn key solution at location Gradishte based upon proven Rohde & Schwarz 400 series software defined ATC radios and RAD multiplexing equipment compliant to the the strict ATC standards for voice comms delays. All systems are redundant placed in self sufficient container with environmental conditioning.

Overall system resilience was achieved by connecting voice paths and data monitoring & control paths to both HungaroControl and M-NAV Voice Communications Switch and Remote Control & Management Systems, thus insuring no single point of failure and achieving needed 99.999% availability.

Declared coverage calculations and system performance indicators were confirmed by HungaroCotrol through successfully performed test flights.

The successful project was showcased by HungaroControl at 2017 World ATM Congress in Madrid.