Vehicular platform for mobile networks performance analysis
Another concept fully developed and integrated in house. This modular integrated vehicular system provides full QoS, QoE and Signal analysis for multiple mobile operators in an efficient single take.
The mission of the Agency for Electronic Communications of the Republic of North Macedonia (AEK) is to regulate the mobile communications market in the country. This role requires dynamic and up to date measurement and bencmarking systems which will allow for unbiased approach to verifying network performance of each mobile operator. Therefore AEK opted for integrated drive test system that will simultaneously measure the signal and OTAR interface parameters as well as Quality of Service and Quality of Experience for both mobile operators operating in country ( A1 and T-Mobile), for all currently available technologies up to 4G.

NETRA provided a fully integrated drive test solution that evaluates Q-o-S and Q-o-E using industry standard Rohde & Schwarz SwissQual solution. The core of the system is Diversity Benchmarker II, a scalable computation platform for performing drive tests accessing mobile operator’s RAN through commercial Samsung S21 smartphones. SmartBenchmarker is the software running the calls and analyzing the quality of voice as well as the data services such as data transfer, e-mail, ping, video services , etc.  The system also features NetQual NQDI client/server post processing software, providing automated data validation, detailed quality analysis and troubleshooting, as well as long-term  reporting for voice and data services. 

As an addition to the benchmarking capabilities, the system features multipurpose scanner R&S TSMW supporting various wireless technologies having software defined front end covering 30 MHz up to 6 GHz frequency range for OTAR interface performance measurements, coverage estimation and potential interferences.  This unit utilizes 2X2 MIMO antenna covering frequency ranges related to mobile technologies up to 4G, as well as separate GPS antenna.

The system is operated by a single operator seated behind 21″ operating console and besides the normal darkened windows it also offers increased security for the equipment by lowering the console with smartphones to a lower level when no measurements are performed, thus successfully hiding the equipment for curious bystanders.

AEK showcased the vehicle at their International Regulators Conference held in Ohrid in May 2019.