Integrated broadcasting drive test vehicle

All in one drive test solution providing simultaneous measurements for DVB-T/T2, DAB(+) and FM integrated integrated completely in house by NETRA engineering team into a mid size SUV.
Operating more than 80 broadcasting sites and being lawfully obliged to broadcast Macedonian Radio and Television which is the national information service, National Broadcasting Company must insure quality DVB and FM signal to each corner of the country. In addition to this the company is also pioneering the implementation of DAB radio service. Therefore having a signal evaluation solution which can be flexible enough to provide mobile and fixed measurements for DVB-T, DAB and FM, which is also robust enough to endure the rough terrain and cost-effective, was a paramount for the company.
National Broadcasting choose our solution integrated on a mid size SUV capable of providing simultaneous drive test in all required technologies, based on industry leading measurement equipment: two ETL TV/DAB Analyzers by Rohde & Schwarz and Audemat FM MC5 FM signal analyzer, and professional monitoring receivers.
Equipped with transportable 9 meter fast deployable mast with broadband antenna which can be used in Vertical or Horizontal polarization, the system can perform fixed measurements in accordance with ITU-R. In accordance with versatility of National Broadcasting operations the vehicle features autonomous power supply for quick-halt fixed measurements while and is fully self-contained carrying all accessories needed for the job. All measurement are computer driven, therefore needing a single operator for all simultaneous measurements and a single drive for collecting signal data for three technologies.
Taking all of this in account this system greatly improved National Broadcasting Company capacity to maintain, verify and improve the coverage of their broadcasting networks, while maintaining low operational costs.